2023-24 HS Application Results

The survey results are live!

We only have 145 responses so far, but it’s been enough to gain useful insight into the numbers behind the application process. This data will prove invaluable in tweaking the offer prediction algorithm currently in development.

You can see the cutoff results at this link: NYC-SIFT: Search for NYC High Schools or by navigating to “Guide” → “NYC-SIFT 2023-24 Survey Results” and selecting “Offers and cutoff information” as the type of report to generate.

Select a school and the report will generate a sorted list of applicants in order of positional rankings as determined by the program’s admission method.

A nice example of one school would be “Beacon High School”. At Beacon, you’ll see that the cutoff exists (at the time of this writing) somewhere between position #254 and #342. Even if a student was in Group 1 and scored a perfect 100 on their assessment, they’d still need a lottery number that was better than 8e to have a chance. If you were a DIA student, the bar is slightly lower. It’s possible that there were DIA students who got in with only 91 on their assessment. The same also applies to SWD students.

Very interesting stuff!

The survey will continue to be live for the next couple months and the online reports will automatically update themselves weekly. Please tell your 8th grade friends to fill out the survey if they haven’t already!

We now have 186 survey responses!

I’ve also added a popup that shows the previous year’s (2022-23) offer numbers. Hopefully this will provide some historical context on the positional cutoffs this year.