2023-24 NYC High School Application Trends

I am releasing a series of reports called “2023-24 NYC High School Application Trends” which are based on the survey I conducted on Dec. 1.

I have made minimal commentary on the results, but please read through the “Introduction” sheet for an overview and an important note on the sample set. It’s very important that you take into account the characteristics of survey respondents as you examine these reports.

Those who have the ability to log in on nycsift.com can download these files individually by viewing the live survey results. Since there has been a vocal concern about privacy, I will not release the raw data and have instead generated reports that do not include any individual associations. I will also take custom requests for reports so long as they do not involve individual records.

For those of you who asked why I ran this survey in the first place, the collected data will serve three very important purposes:

  1. To help build a prediction model for offers.
  2. To help build a suggestion list for future 8th grade parents and students who don’t know where to start.
  3. To lay the groundwork for my March survey covering offers. The combination of rankings and final offers will give me additional data points when figuring out cut-offs.

Thank you everyone who participated in my survey, as your involvement will directly benefit everyone who will be going through this process next year!

Download the report: https://nycsift.com/surveys/reports/2023-24_NYC_High_School_Program_Application_Trends.xlsx