Newest updates! 12/19/2023

As you may have noticed, the entire navigation has been reworked, along with this new messaging board system.

In the new “Schools & Programs” section, you will find three tabs: “Schools”, “Programs”, and “Events”. The “Schools” and “Programs” tabs function the same way as they used to. “Schools” will show all schools and “Programs” will show all programs. “Events” shows the event calendar.

In the “Favorites” section, you will also find three tabs: “Schools”, “Programs”, and “Suggested”. Favorited items will appear under the appropriate school or program tabs. “Suggested” will show a list of programs generated through the new SIFT Advisor tool. Try it out!

In the “Guides” section, you will find three tabs: “High School Guide”, “SIFT Advisor”, and “Top 10 Lists”. The “High School Guide” is a new document explaining the basics of the entire process. The “SIFT Advisor” will come up with a list of suggested programs based on your DOE designations and program interests. Suggestions are pulled from a combination of the results from the latest application survey and popular schools. “Top 10 Lists” show various combinations of popular schools and programs throughout the city.

I hope you like the changes!