School Complaints / Suspensions

There is a new addition under “Student & Admissions Statistics”, called “Complaints / Suspensions”.

This data is pulled from the DOE’s yearly bullying and suspension reports, which can be found here: and here: .

These numbers are meant to supplement survey responses in order to gain a more complete view of the student body and school environment.

That being said, every statistic should be taken with a grain of salt. It is imperative to talk to existing students, parents and staff to get a real understanding of these numbers.

Could complaints be inflated by a few troublesome students who are reported multiple times? Is the administration pro-active with discipline, resulting in higher suspension numbers? This is an example of how to use this data to drive questions that could be asked during open houses and in conversations with alumni and staff.

Be sure to look through the full reports provided by the DOE. The data is broken down in various categories such as race/ethnicity, gender, grade level, IEP status, ELL, STH and others.